Call in Day

March 7, 2019


The Communities First campaign is seeking $20 million in this year’s state budget for housing counseling and legal services before funding for these programs runs out at the end of March.

Please call the toll-free numbers below to connect to your state legislators and let them know to support $20 million in funding for Communities First to help homeowners in default and foreclosure, and to preserve New York’s communities.

  • 1-844-655-7460 to be connected to your Assembly Members

  • 1-844-655-7463 to be connected to your Senators

Not sure who your elected officials are?

Once you’ve reached the office of your legislators, feel free to leave a message. You can find a sample message below:

“Hello, my name is ______ and I am calling to tell Assembly Member/Senator _______ that there is no funding in the Governor’s budget for housing counseling and legal services for New Yorkers facing foreclosure, including seniors with reverse mortgages.  I am asking the member to please speak to Leadership to make sure that $20 million for “Communities First” is included in your one-house budget bill.”

If you know the member has been supportive, please thank them for their support.

Thank you for your participation!